TMC Biomedical Faculty Award

We would like to announce the TMC Biomedical Faculty Awards to be presented at this year’s KABMS.

In an effort to celebrate and continue to foster the excellent standard of scientific works carried out by the Korean students and postdocs at institutions in and around TMC, the faculty members launched this award. One student and one postdoc with outstanding academic records will each be announced at the evening award session at this year’s KABMS on November 9th, 2019 and each awarded $1,000.

The eligibility to apply for this award is as follows: 1) graduate students and postdoctoral fellows working at TMC or other Texas institutions, 2) Korean or Korean-American, 3) Research topic related to biomedical sciences/engineering and 4) must participate in the poster session at KABMS. Applications will be accepted through the KABMS online registration. For the selection of fellowship winners, publication records of the past 24 months must be uploaded for consideration. Importantly, the deadline for the TMC Faculty Fellowships is 6 PM CST November 6th, 2019. Late applications will not be considered. The poster presentation at the KABMS will be an additional measure of consideration reaching the final decision but will be separate from the Poster Awards.

The TMC Korean faculty members know and appreciate the large number of talented Korean students and postdoc fellows who are committed to excellence in their academic and scientific endeavors. We hope that this fellowship will be an opportunity to give the fully deserved recognition and celebrate outstanding scientific achievements. We encourage all students and postdocs to apply for this fellowship.

TMC Biomedical Faculty Award

Publication list and poster presentation are required

  • Pre-doctoral award ($1,000) (one awardee)

  • Post-doctoral award ($1,000) (one awardee)

Poster Award

Flash talk (Max 2-mins) is required to be qualified for poster awards

  • 1st place ($300) (one awardee)

  • 2nd place ($200) (two awardees)

  • 3rd place ($100) (three awardees)

  • 4th place ($50) (multiple awardees)